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Why visiting Naples?

Latest publications!

Spatial Relationships between Molecular Pathology and Neurodegeneration in the Alzheimer’s Disease Continuum

Original Article
Leonardo Iaccarino, Renaud La Joie, Lauren Edwards, Amelia Strom, Daniel R Schonhaut, Rik Ossenkoppele, Julie Pham, Taylor Mellinger, Mustafa Janabi, Suzanne L Baker, David Soleimani-Meigooni, Howard J Rosen, Bruce L Miller, William J Jagust, Gil D Rabinovici
Cerebral Cortex, https://doi.org/10.1093/cercor/bhaa184
Publication year: 2020

Prospective longitudinal atrophy in Alzheimer’s disease correlates with the intensity and topography of baseline tau-PET

Original Article
Renaud La Joie, Adrienne V Visani, Suzanne L Baker, Jesse A Brown, Viktoriya Bourakova, Jungho Cha, Kiran Chaudhary, Lauren Edwards, Leonardo Iaccarino, Mustafa Janabi, Orit H Lesman-Segev, Zachary A Miller, David C Perry, James P O’Neil, Julie Pham, Julio C Rojas, Howard J Rosen, William W Seeley, Richard M Tsai, Bruce L Miller, William J Jagust, Gil D Rabinovici
Science Translational Medicine 01 Jan 2020: Vol. 12, Issue 524, eaau5732 DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.aau5732
Publication year: 2020